What Is Charity If Not The Best Way to
Help Those Less Fortunate

    I support Free Range Health because getting acupuncture treatments can be financially challenging, particularly for seniors. I strongly believe it is important to extend the services to as many people as possible.

Elarka Yuen

What is charity

Donor Spotlight: Elarka Yuen

Elarka has been a proponent of acupuncture

for many years. Her family is so committed to East Asian medicine that her daughter, Kristl, went to school to become a licensed acupuncturist. Seeing Kristl's amazing results with patients only made her more certain that these services should be available to more people. 

She was introduced to Free Range Health 

when executive director, Cole Alexander, was interviewed for her daughter's blog. She was immediately impressed with the mission of the organization and wanted to support expanding the services to seniors.

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Elarka deeply believes that acupuncture makes people healthier than

lots of Western medications. She says that seniors using alternative medicine is so much more desirable in the long run. For one, there are not as many side effects that can dull a senior's thinking and negatively impact their lives in other ways. For her, less reliance on Western medications means increased health for the patient, which translates into a better overall quality of life.

As a longtime volunteer for Hawai'i Public

Radio, Elarka understands the financial challenges that are faced by nonprofit charities, especially small ones. She has found that the best way to help them achieve their missions is for her support to be consistent. This is why she became a #Five2K donor.   

She also likes that giving monthly means she is not having to wonder if she 

has already made a donation for the year. Instead of asking, "Did I give?", spreading out her donation with an automated monthly payment makes her life "less frantic". She also appreciates that the online donation process is safe, secure, and easy.


Try acupuncture for yourself to see the amazing benefits to your own health. Then you will understand what a gift you are giving to share these benefits with those less fortunate.

Elarka Yuen - #Five2K Donors