February 10

They Donated A What?


I had some spare time this past weekend, and I did a bit of organizing for one of my closets. As I sat staring at the odd collection of things I was planning to donate, I found myself wondering if the people who receive items at the thrift stores ever exclaim, "They donated a what?!

A quick search came up with this pretty amazing assortment of actual donations. I mean who doesn't keep a live grenade lying around?

That should have been it, but I am always trying to figure out ways to make supporting Free Range Health easier for our donors.  I started to consider expanding our ability to accept non-cash donations.

Our Tuesday and Wednesday mobile acupuncture clinics are at the Snohomish Senior Center and the Stillaguamish Senior Center. Both have their own thrift stores to help with their fundraising efforts. Would this be something that could help us to provide access to affordable East Asian medicine services for people in need?

Ultimately, Free Range Health can't use a thrift store right now. As a lean organization that is still young, we don't prioritize a physical location over being able to serve our patients and their communities. Trying to run a retail store would completely overburden our capacity.

Donate your car and feel like a winner!

We'll take your car even if it isn't running!

I'm not one to give up easily. I kept thinking about how we could accept non-cash donations without having a physical location. During this time I heard an ad by a national nonprofit saying they would take your car even if it wasn't running. Maybe this would be in better alignment with our decentralized approach to our mission!

One of the big problems I face over and over again running a micro-nonprofit is that our annual budget and revenue is just too small to afford some services that could really help us. I was worried that this may be one of the times where there was still a lot of growth to do before we would be able to do something with car donations. 

I'm please to say that the ability to accept vehicle donations is totally within our reach.

Don't sell your junker! Donate your car to Free Range Health today!

Download Your Free Guide!

How To Donate Your Car: An Easy-To-Follow Checklist

Use this handy guide to navigate your way through a successful car donation!

We have partnered with a nonprofit organization that works with other nonprofits to facilitate vehicle donations. Check out Car Easy here.

It gets better! Now you can donate all sorts of things to Free Range Health, and the best part is it is SUPER EASY FOR YOU!

We've got you covered!
They don't even need to be run!

Give us your junkers!


They donated a really old car

We'll gladly accept cars..

They donated an abandoned truck


They donated an RV

..and even your RVs!


We love your old boats!

They donated an old yellow boat


We can take jewelry too!

If you're ready to get started with your donation, click here to begin the process.  If you want more information, be sure to download our handy car donation guide


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