Technology Fund

A hand holding a tablet while completing paperwork. Floating around the hand are different languages written in their own alphabet.

The Free Range Health Technology Fund was introduced to help the growth and maintenance of our tech platforms, and to assist in hiring skilled workers to maintain, improve, and expand our capabilities and efficiencies.

You can help us to upgrade our apps and equipment to make our digital experience as pleasant as our acupuncture services, by making a donation to Free Range Health.

When you donate to our Technology Fund, you are making an investment in improving access and user experience for our many patients and providers.

At Free Range Health we achieve efficiency by utilizing and leveraging technology. Here are a few examples of the apps we use to help provide improved services while significantly reducing costs:

  • Salesforce – provides automation processing and is the foundation of our electronic health records and patient experience.

  • Document Generator and Management - creates PDF copies of chart notes and other organization documents.

  • Automated Communication Technology - helps send messages to patients and donors that are tailored to their specific concerns or situations.

  • Automated Donation Handling and Receipts - saves time from manually inputting and acknowledging donations and grants.

  • Cloud-Based Bookkeeping and Accounting Software - allows us to quickly collaborate with financial professionals and manage corporate records in a more transparent and accessible way.

  • Online Education And Training Platform - allows us to quickly and easily educate our patients, donors, and host sites about traditional medicine and how to get the most out of the opportunity we are offering to improve quality of life.

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