Our Services

Free Range Health bridges the gap between low-cost integrative health care and convenient treatment locations.

Individualized Chinese herbal formulas have been used for thousands of years to treat many health conditions in a safe, natural way. Our telemedicine herbal formulation appointments remove mobility barriers and offer Free Range Health patients personalized and convenient care.

Changing the foods we eat is the most effective way to rapidly impact our health. In East Asian medicine, foods are classified according to their treatment properties. Our patients can benefit from general advice on one or two items to add to their meals or from a more comprehensive and individualized plan tailored to their unique needs.

Community acupuncture clinics in senior centers add an essential layer of health care that is convenient for both members and the surrounding community.

Patients who are unable to leave their homes due to illness or disability have the most difficulty accessing quality integrative health care. On Free Range Days, homebound patients and their caregivers receive treatment from our providers without the need to travel.

Cultivating a deep connection to the communities we serve is one of our top priorities. Free Range Health actively seeks opportunities to participate in community events and to interact with local businesses and health care professionals.

Helping people to understand the many benefits of integrative health care is the first step in creating meaningful change in our medical system.