Help Us Build A World Class Data Resource For Research Into Traditional Asian Medicine

Why Research With Free Range Health

Free Range Health is a nonprofit charity providing access to low-cost acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to underserved individuals and communities.

One of our goals is to work with acupuncture schools and organizations to use our clinics as a knowledge-sharing network for research opportunities.

If you're research minded and interested in TCM, but lack access to patients and venues to conduct research, then we may be able to help.

Providing our wellness program to underserved communities allows us to advance our secondary goal of building an automated database to identify the most effective treatment methods and protocols based on TCM diagnosis.

Free Range Health’s proprietary Electronic Health Records System is specifically designed to collect and organize data that’s readily accessible and friendly to TCM researchers. The more patients we see, the more data we collect, the more targeted our protocols can become.

We are among the first clinicians to develop this type of EHR system, and we are already receiving requests from university researchers to conduct joint research initiatives. Enlarging our collective knowledge base will eventually lead to industry-standard protocols that lower the cost of service for patients.

Doing Research with our platform

Watch the video to learn more about benefits and advantages of researching with the Free Range Health platform.

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When the system is ready, Why should I run my TCM research study through Free Range Health?

When you choose Free Range Health as your research partner, you are choosing an organization built from the ground up to accommodate your specific needs. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine training, our providers are all board certified and licensed with a minimum TCM education level of DAOM, which includes both clinical specialties and training in research design and implementation. As our partner, you will also gain access to our expanding patient base. Let us recruit the patients you need to adequately power your study. 

Is Free Range Health equipped to collect the data I need?

Free Range Health collects basic demographic and health history information in addition to TCM-specific data. Your study will always have something unique. We can adapt our system to collect the data you need in the format you require.

Can I run a retroactive case series review with Free Range Health's data?

We encourage this type of study.

Does Free Range Health accommodate standardized, semi-standardized, and non-standardized protocols?

We strive to accommodate any protocol outlined by your study. Please contact to schedule a brief discussion about your specific protocols. We will be able to tell you if we can accommodate your study.

How does Free Range Health measure patient outcomes?

Your study design will outline the metrics to be tracked and the methods for collecting that data. We will implement your protocols as outlined in your study. Data will be transferred to you as outlined in your study protocol.

How much will it cost to run my trial through Free Range Health?

Please contact us to discuss your research study. We will be able to give you pricing after we have a better understanding of the resources necessary.

I want to study a specific population – can Free Range Health accommodate this?

We will always try. It all depends on the population you wish to study and how easy it is to gain access to participants from that group. We can select candidates from the demographic information we currently collect. If your study is on a population we do not currently serve, it may take longer to attract and recruit the participants you need.

Will my study need to be approved by an IRB?

Yes. All research conducted in partnership with Free Range Health must first be approved by our in-house IRB. Depending on all of the institutions involved in your study, you research may also need to be approved by additional IRBs.