Changing The Lives Of People In Need Is Why People Donate To Charity

    I believe in acupuncture. I believe it can be a help to anybody who will try it. I support causes I believe in, so I support Free Range Health because I know how much their services can help people in need.

Linda Wright

Why People Donate To Charity

Donor Spotlight: Linda Wright

Linda became a believer in acupuncture

while suffering from a severe case of shingles. After 3 treatments, her pain was gone and there wasn't the residual pain that many people with shingles experience. She and her husband are members of the Stillaguamish Senior Center where they first saw the fliers for the low-cost acupuncture clinic.

Her husband decided to start treatments,

and she accompanied him to watch from outside. After his treatment, she had a chance to speak with Dr. Alexander about her own chronic health condition: Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She decided to have a treatment and hasn't missed a day in 4 years!

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For Linda, the ongoing pain from her MS is reduced for the first few

days following her treatment. Her condition causes severe dry mouth, and the only time she finds relief is when the needles are inserted. In addition, the pain liniment she is able to purchase at the clinic decreases her pain enough to relax and sleep each night. Overall, the ongoing acupuncture treatments have reduced the amount of pain she experiences, but she knows she would not be able to come as often if the cost were higher.

"I learn something new every time!" 

Linda says she enjoys the community setting and likes to listen as the providers talk about different aspects of East Asian medicine. She says she never knew how many different things could be helped by acupuncture. For her, it brings her closer to an older, different kind of health care that has been proven to work over thousands of years.

Linda encourages everyone to come to a clinic and observe what goes on.

She advises seeing the healing in action and listening to the people. This is a legitimate alternative to modern medicine, and she says if people take advantage of the services, they'll receive great benefit. "Try it. You might like it!"


I'm old. I write checks, put them in an envelope, and that's it! There's no hassle to write a check!

Linda Wright - Donor