Overcoming Mobility Challenges

Free Range Health helps patients overcome mobility challenges by creating a decentralized approach to delivering health care. We bring our treatments into the homes and communities of the people we serve, which allows us to provide care in a more consistent and regular manner.

The current health care system in this country focuses on a creating a central location where patients can come to receive a wide variety of treatments. This has the effect of putting a large amount of knowledge and resources in one place, which has done amazing things for the health of our population. However, it does not address the needs of the millions of people unable to easily move from place to place.

Mobility options are one of the main factors that determine if individuals and communities will have access to quality health care. Convenient public transportation choices, physical health conditions, and distances to the nearest services all play a role in how easy it is for people to take advantage of the benefits of integrative medicine.

Residents of densely packed urban environments have more alternatives than those living in rural areas far from services, but even in urban areas, seniors and low-income families may still face significant obstacles when trying to get to and from their medical providers on a regular basis.

Your support helps these underserved individuals and communities to experience the impact on health and wellness that comes from acupuncture and other integrative medicine modalities. With your help, we are able to continue bringing our clinics out from centralized locations and into areas where they can do the most good.