Monthly Donation With A Purpose

    This is a business plan who's time has come, and this type of work should absolutely be supported. We like that our monthly donation provides sustainable revenue that Free Range Health can count on.

Linda & Dan Frizzell

Monthly Donation With A Purpose

Donor Spotlight: Linda & Dan Frizzell

Linda and Dan are longtime friends of

Free Range Health executive director, Cole Alexander. They have watched the organization grow from an idea for a different kind of health care to the thriving community resource it is today.

They have confidence in the vision Cole 

is working to achieve. They trust him to use their donation wisely and for the benefit of the communities served by the organization.

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Linda and Dan feel it is their responsibility to donate to charity. They make

sure the charities they support are well-vetted and researched before donating. They feel Free Range Health is worthy of their support, and they like the transparency of how their donations are handled.

"I like to put my money where my mouth is."

Linda is very particular about the charities she helps to fund. With her annual donation budget, she picks 3 charities to support. She excludes any organizations that are political in nature or that are for any organized religion. She wants her donation dollars to help build a culture of charity that reflects her values.

Linda and Dan are excited to help Free Range Health expand their services.

They like the website and see how many people are being reached that would not otherwise have access to these services. They haven't been patients themselves (yet), but they see their donation to Free Range Health as a great opportunity to contribute to their own community. They like that their donation dollars stay close to home and that they are someone who needs to be out serving people. They say supporting good work makes them feel happier.


It is easier for our finances to spread out our donation rather than giving one large chunk. Monthly donations have more impact and bring value that Free Range Health can count on!

Linda & Dan Frizzell - #Five2K Donors