It's hard not to be entranced by the physical world around you when you split your childhood between the Canadian Rockies and the California surf. This was the case for Katy Koukouras, whose upbringing helped inspire her love of mountain sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

This appreciation of the outdoors led her to the Pacific Northwest, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Physics at the University of Washington. What happened next would change the course of her life. Her dog developed hip dysplasia, so she decided to try veterinary acupuncture treatments to manage his pain. She saw such a positive difference in him and how well he reacted to treatment, that it helped lead her to look at medicine from a different perspective.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”- Katy Koukouras, ND, LAc”]So much of ‘modern medicine’ is based on chemistry and biology. And we don’t often use physics to approach the body. Acupuncture felt like this way to open that door.”[/pullquote]

Katy went on to receive her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University. It was there that she met our Founder, Cole Alexander, who introduced her to the mission and patients of Free Range Health.

She enjoys the idea of helping people who wouldn't otherwise have access to this kind of treatment. She explains, "in what I do, at least when I started, it wasn't available to elderly people. Most couldn't get acupuncture covered by insurance. I think it's such a great tool to use for quality of life and pain relief. And it just made sense to be able to provide that to a community who wouldn't have that otherwise."

Aside from snowy sports and her obvious love of science and medicine, Katy loves spending time with her family.

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