Join Free Range Health Board of Directors

We are looking for dedicated individuals who are ready to deepen their commitment to bringing quality integrative health care to underserved individuals and communities.

Thank you for your interest in being of service on our board!

Free Range Health is a vibrant organization providing a unique service to individuals and communities that face difficulties when accessing affordable acupuncture and East Asian medicine services.

Members of our board of directors play a vital role in the fulfillment of our mission. Our mobile integrative team care approach brings with it a host of challenges that can only be overcome through the enthusiastic collaboration, innovation, and dedication of forward thinking problem solvers.

There is a lot to do if we are to continue expanding our services and providing this amazing approach to health care for underserved individuals and communities.



  • Background in one or more key domain areas preferred but not essential: Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine (Provider or Patient), Integrative Health Care, Human Services, Development & Marketing, Finance, Law, Information Technology, or Business Administration
  • 2 year term
  • Attend quarterly Board meetings
  • Become acquainted with locations and Free Range Health staff
  • Eagerly adopt and utilize our cloud-based technology systems


  • $1000 (Give or Get) each year. This is a minimum goal of raising $20 per week. Hopefully, you will find more.
  • Chair or co-chair one fundraising project or event each year
  • Attend organization events produced by other Board members
  • Work with the rest of the Board to develop and implement a fundraising strategy


  • Have a working knowledge of FRH Revenue and Expenses and contribute ideas for increasing revenue
  • Work with the rest of the Board to develop our annual budget
  • Work with the rest of the Board to develop, update, and implement a long term financial plan?


  • Keep an eye out for qualified and committed individuals who are willing to work with a team to achieve our mission
  • Contribute to the creation and implementation of training plans for new Board members


If board service with Free Range Health resonates with you, fill out the form below to begin the recruitment process!

current Board of Directors

cole alexander


Arti Rajvanshi

vice president

Katy Koukouras


John Tuma



How much money am I expected to raise for the nonprofit?

The minimum annual commitment is $1,000. This works out to $20 per week.

What are the responsibilities of a board member?

Please see the description above.

What is the expected time commitment for a board member?

On average 1 hour per week. Usually less.

Does being a board member come with any perks?

Joy at a job well done and love from the communities we serve.

How long are providers expected to serve on the board?

Board members serve 2-year terms.

Do I have to be an AEMP to serve on the board?

No. Board service is open to anyone with the desire and available time to help us reach our mission.