Implementing Integrative Health Models

Free Range Health is creating a truly integrative model of decentralized health care delivery for patients and communities.

Every day more and more people are turning to alternative medicine practitioners for help with their chronic health problems. At the same time, quality research is being published pointing to how effective these alternative modalities can be when combined with conventional therapies.

Bridging the gap between conventional and alternative therapies in order to provide the best possible care for patients is the essence of integrative medicine. Free Range Health staff, practitioners, volunteers, community leaders, and patients are working tirelessly to bring about this goal.

We are educating people about acupuncture and East Asian medicine. Many of the concepts, vocabulary words, and treatment approaches are very foreign to a Western patient. Our lectures, presentations, videos, and blog entries answer questions and demystify the alternative medicine process. We help to alleviate the fears and misconceptions that keep people from embracing this powerful approach to health.

We also participate in community outreach opportunities so that families and other organizations will be aware of the services we offer and think of Free Range Health as a resource when deciding on their wellness plans.

The most important aspect of our model is our team-care approach. At this time, we offer acupuncture and East Asian medicine services. As we continue to grow, we will begin incorporating additional conventional and alternative providers that share our passion for working together for the benefit of our patients.

With your help we can change the way people approach health care in this country. Please consider adding your support to our mission to provide low-cost mobile integrative health care to underserved individuals and communities.