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Health Tips For Seniors

As a practitioner working with primarily older adults, I get asked a lot if I can share any health tips for seniors as they age.

It sounds like an easy question, and it is. Kind of.

Sure, I can give you a quick list of recommendations. That's easy. The hard part is trying to help the patient understand what I'm talking about.

East Asian Medicine Has Different Vocabulary But Similar Goals

Ancient healers were searching for ways to prolong life. Modern patients are searching for the same thing.

In order to get the most out of the health tips for seniors I share below, you need to understand a bit about longevity in East Asian medicine.

The Aging Process

To understand how the body ages, you need to understand Essence.

We get some of our Essence from our father, and we get some from our mother. It's a bit like DNA in that it provides the basis for the body you are born with.  You can't change the Essence you have at birth.

DNA Molecule

When you are born, you begin life with a set amount of Essence.

As you live your life, you tap into your store of Essence. Everything you do uses up Essence. As you use more and more, your body begins to age. When your Essence is gone, that is the end of the road.

Different lifestyle choices use different amounts of Essence. When you stay up all night, you use Essence. If you are working for long periods at a time, you use Essence. Each pregnancy you have uses Essence.

In short, using your Essence is how you age. If you use a lot of Essence, you'll age faster. If you use a little bit of Essence, you will age more slowly.

Senior Resting

Once ancient doctors understood that our choices can affect our reserves of Essence, they began to search for ways to protect the Essence and maybe even restore Essence that has been lost.

The knowledge the ancients gained from observation and experimentation was invaluable. As they searched for ways to prolong life, their discoveries became the foundation for East Asian medicine that is practiced today. Their many discoveries can help you in your journey to better health.

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There Are 2 Types Of Essence:
The kind we want to hang on to and the kind we want to use every day.

The ancient doctors understood that holding onto as much Essence as possible would prolong life.  They began to search for ways to restore the Essence we use.

Remember when I mentioned the kind of Essence we get from before our birth? There is also Essence that we take in with the foods we eat and the air we breathe. 

We can and should use this Essence instead of the type from before our birth!

As you look at the health tips below, keep your Essence in mind. Ask yourself how you use your own supply? Are you nurturing it and protecting it? How can you apply these suggestions to start your way down the road to health?  

Without further ado, here are your.....

Health Tips For Seniors That Conserve Essence And Promote Health And Longevity

Change your diet

High quality foods will give your body the building blocks it needs to create Essence without needing to tap your reserves.

Breathe Deeply

Air is another essential building block for Essence. When we take deep breaths, we give our body a huge boost of exactly what it needs to be in peak condition. ?Begin to cultivate a daily habit of deep breathing.

Pro Tip: If you start Qi Gong, you will get moving and deep breathing in one activity!

Breathe Deeply


Just a short time moving each day can have a profound impact on your health!

Qi Gong and other similar movement routines can help you to repair and replenish your Essence. 

Senior Qi Gong Movement

Laugh Often

Laughter helps to release negativity and other types of stagnation that can contribute to poor health. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones who make you laugh. You'll feel better immediately!

Get The Care You Need

Over the course of a lifetime, it is easy to start putting yourself last. 

You sacrificed for your children. You took care of your spouse. You got up early to feed the pets.

Now is the time to start putting your needs front and center. Treat yourself to a massage. Join a mediation group. Stop in for some acupuncture.

You matter! It's time to start proving it to yourself.

If you like these 5 tips, get the full list and start on your road to recovery today!  

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