Donor Recognition Of The Need To Support Revolutionary Health Care For Seniors

    There are a lot of things people can donate to, but in terms of impacting the community, $50 or $100 to Free Range Health goes a long way toward providing healthy choices for people.

Kristin Culleney

Donor Recognition

Donor Spotlight: Kristin Culleney

Kristin learned about Free Range Health

while reading a local senior oriented magazine. She hadn't gone to the senior center very often until she came in for acupuncture. For many years she had driven to a different clinic, but over time she didn't want to drive long distances outside of Snohomish County. She likes that she is able to support low-cost services in her local area.

Her own health experiences have led her to

believe our society has too much reliance on medications with serious side effects. She thinks it is critical that people understand there are alternatives to Western medicine. She supports Free Range Health because it gives people more choices than what a conventional doctor can offer.

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Kristin jumped at the chance to become a donor because she wants people

to gain a better understanding of East Asian medicine. She wants to support efforts to help people see acupuncture as an investment in their health that isn't just about "pills, pills, pills." 

"The more knowledge I have about my

health condition, the more I feel the need for these services." She says her body feels better after beginning treatments at the Stillaguamish Senior Center clinic, and that makes her feel better about her overall health progress.

As competition for grant funding and private donations continues to increase,

she knows her support makes even more of a difference for a small nonprofit like Free Range Health. ?


This is a very specific gift that I know is going directly to helping people in Snohomish County.

Kristin Culleney - Donor

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