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    As an acupuncturist, I know how powerful East Asian medicine can be for suffering people. Acupuncture can no longer be looked at as luxury health care, and I want to support access to these essential services at free or reduced prices.

Jeremy Frieling

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Donor Spotlight: Jeremy Frieling, EAMP

Jeremy was taking a practice management

class at Bastyr University when he first heard Free Range Health executive director, Cole Alexander, speak about the organization and the work being done in the community. The topic was about Public Service Loan Forgiveness and how to take part in the program.

Like any medical student finishing school

burdened with debt, Jeremy was excited to learn of a way to pay off his student loans and help people at the same time. As a 501c3 public charity, employment with Free Range Health would qualify for forgiveness.

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After graduation, Jeremy contacted Free Range Health to ask how he could be

of service. It turned out there was an opportunity to provide acupuncture services at that year's Grow For Health Plant Sale

"It was an honor to have my first paid job as

a licensed acupuncturist with Free Range Health." Jeremy says he felt welcomed into the Free Range Health family as was introduced to patients and given the freedom to treat in his own way. 

Jeremy says that any young practitioner will still be gaining confidence in

their abilities. He says that sunny afternoon seeing patients really answered the question: Why am I doing this? He was able to witness first hand how important it is to have affordable access to services in a convenient location. He believes a lot of people just want to be heard, and Free Range Health is providing the concerned and thoughtful listening that affects health in a meaningful way. He loves to see the smiles on faces as the patients are leaving.


I believe in Cole and the work he is doing. A monthly donation of $5 is a great deal for helping to provide over 3,500 treatments each year! Please support this incredible local organization. 

Jeremy Frieling, EAMP - #Five2K Donors