Meaningful Data Drives 
Meaningful Progress

What is Data Informed?

"Data Informed" involves the use of specific data to inform strategic decision making process. Free Health Range uses a data-informed approach to inform our decisions about patient care, organizational governance and fundraising activities.

We use data metrics to track the progress of our patients toward your goals. We help you to create personal activity of daily living metrics to help you achieve your annual goal by working on smaller goals throughout the year.

Free Range Health’s proprietary Electronic Health Records System is specifically designed to collect and organize data that’s readily accessible and friendly to TCM researchers. The more patients we see, the more data we collect, the more targeted our protocols can become.

Data Informed In Action at Free Range Health


As a nonprofit organization, Free Range Health needs to be able to show how the funding we receive is put to work in the community. This means not only showing what services we provide but how well those services worked for the people we serve.


As a provider of traditional medicine wellness services, Free Range Health needs to demonstrate that our treatments lead to improvements in the quality of life of the the patients we serve.

Mobile Clinics

As a host site partner, we need to show our host sites how their members are using our services and how they are progressing toward their clinic fundraising goals.


As a traditional medicine research organization, we need to collect data that is valuable and relevant to the researchers furthering our knowledge of how TCM works.

Data Informed Provides Answers

Our organization has invested significant resources into building a technology platform that allows us to report on the questions that are important to our shareholders.

There's so much more. Our next step is to begin sharing what we do in easy-to-digest bites. Small reports, short, videos, ebooks, online courses, etc.

Who Do We Serve?

Patients complete comprehensive demographic data to provide a broad picture of the communities we serve.

Do Our treatments work?

Patients regularly complete quality-of-life surveys before treatments. In addition, they create individualized metrics for their own wellness goals. This data is made available to them as part of their wellness services.

Is there research on TCM?

Yes, and we are trying to add more with our powerful platform. In addition to the metrics we already track, our system allows us to customize data parameters for individual studies. For those wishing to research with our organization, we can meet your data collection requirements.

How much does Your host site need to raise for next year?

Community-supported wellness needs powerful tools to help build the resources for sustainable health. Host sites and their members are able to get real-time updates of their fundraising goals all from within their personal account.

About free range health

Free Range Health is a nonprofit charity providing access to low-cost acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to underserved individuals and communities.

Our mission is to bring wellness directly to communities in need by empowering skilled integrative health providers with innovative tools and resources.

We believe that everyone should have access to high-quality wellness programs to help them live a happy and healthy life. Often those who are challenged by lack of mobility or inability to pay are the ones that need it the most.

The organization was founded by Cole Alexander in 2012.

His dream to create a decentralized approach to providing low-cost integrative and alternative medicine services to low-income individuals, homebound patients and their caregivers, rural communities, and native communities is the driving force behind our mission.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to Our Mission
  • Compassion to Our Patients
  • Dedication to Quality Services
  • Innovative Approach to Health Care

Since it's beginnings Free Range Health has helped more than 400 patients and delivered over 3500 low-cost to treatments at one of the 4 area senior centers hosting a weekly community acupuncture clinic. Treatments have been in the homes of patients unable to leave due to health reasons, and they have been in rural communities where the nearest services are too far to access easily.

With the generous support of amazing individuals and organizations, Free Range Health is on its way to being a model of efficient and effective health care delivery for the 21st Century.