Community Outreach

Providing quality access to integrative and alternative health care is only possible when the larger community understands and embraces the benefits of the work we do.

Free Range Health staff and board members are active participants in community outreach events that help people become aware of the services we offer. We also enthusiastically pursue opportunities to partner with other nonprofits, local businesses, and health care professionals.

Since we began offering services in 2013, we have presented several lectures to local groups on the benefits of acupuncture and East Asian medicine. We have also had a presence at local health fairs and other community activities to answer questions about our services and to educate about the effectiveness of the treatments we provide.

After the Oso Mud Slide in March 2014, Free Range Health acupuncturists were on site in Darrington to provide free acupuncture to emergency workers and other members of the affected community. We worked in conjunction with other acupuncture providers from around the state to make sure there was continuous coverage during the weeks following the slide.

We are committed to deepening our ties with the communities we serve. As we continue expanding, we look forward to making new friends and building long lasting relationships with the many amazing individuals and organizations that are working tirelessly to make the world a better place for everyone.