Charitable Giving Creates Sustainable Revenue We Can Count On

    I am so thrilled with the results! I feel I need to make sure this service lives on and that other people get to experience the benefits I am getting.

Fran Curley

Donor Spotlight: Fran Curley

Fran discovered Free Range Health when

she saw the flyer at the Mountlake Terrace Senior Center. At the time she was dealing with several health issues and was finding no relief with Western medicine. 

The low-cost acupuncture treatments had

an instant effect. Fran had been dealing with tendinitis, and the pain went away. On another occasion, she came down with a very painful case of shingles. Codeine had no effect on her pain, but the acupuncture took the pain away almost immediately.

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Fran truly believes her weekly treatments keep her in better health. She did

not get a cold all winter even though many of her family members got sick often. She is sure it is because she is able to have acupuncture on a regular basis. She says that if the treatments weren't affordable she wouldn't be able to take advantage of them as much as she does now.

Fran thinks the affordability is essential for 

people in the communities served by Free Range Health. She says that everyone she tells is always surprised by the cost, and she knows that makes it so much more accessible for seniors and others with limited incomes. 

Fran is happy to be a #Five2K donor because she knows her donations are

helping to sustain the health of lots of people. She likes that she is supporting a local service where seniors like her do not need to travel all the way into Seattle for treatment. She says donating has been super easy, and she receives her donation records on a regular basis with "no hitches."


Giving monthly is so much easier than having to remember to make a donation each year. I want Free Range health to have what they need, and I know my monthly donation gives them a reliable revenue stream.

Fran Curley - #Five2K Donor