Charitable Donations Making A Difference For Seniors

    I donate because I think the services offered by Free Range Health are so important! I give more than the cost of a treatment to help make them available for more people.

Dick Yost

Donor Spotlight: Dick Yost

Dick has been a longtime member of the

Snohomish Senior Center where he serves on their board of directors in addition to taking advantage of all the other programs they have available. 

Dick discovered Free Range Health

when he saw people receiving acupuncture at the mobile clinic that operates in the library of the Center on Tuesdays.

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Dick had never really thought about trying acupuncture for himself, but he

saw it helping other members of the Center. The location of the clinic made it very easy for him to use the service, so he decided to give it a try.

For Dick, the impact of having affordable

acupuncture available to seniors has had a very positive impact on the whole community. He feels it helps many people deal with chronic health problems. He has seen friends living in pain for many years find relief from their suffering, so he knows it helps change lives for the better.

For anyone considering making a donation to Free Range Health, Dick says 

to think about what a good investment this is in the community. The high quality services are offered at a price that is affordable for people living on fixed incomes. The low cost allows people to explore alternatives to conventional therapies. He says it is a blessing to be able to go on in more comfort and live life with less pain.


Donating to Free Range Health is very easy, and they are quick to respond with donation acknowledgments!

Dick Yost - Donor