Bear or bull it's always a good time to donate stock to Free Range Health!
  • Save even more taxes than donating cash!
  • No capital gains tax when you give to a nonprofit!
  • Maximize your benefits while helping others!
  • Are you ready to take your giving to a new level?

If you had a REALLY GOOD YEAR, you won't go wrong when you donate stock to Free Range Health. Now is the time to take advantage of the provision in the tax code that allows benefactors to donate appreciated stocks to charity. Think about it! You get to support an amazing organization, AND you can write off the gift and avoid paying capital gains at the same time!

This is a great strategy for re-balancing your portfolio in a way that is very tax efficient! Approaching your gift in this way usually allows you to give even more than if you personally sold the stocks, paid the capital gains, and then donated the cash to Free Range Health.

When you make the decision to donate stock to Free Range Health, you are choosing to support low-cost acupuncture and East Asian medicine services for people and communities in need.

We want you to have a stress-free experience when you donate stock to us.  All you need to do is follow this link to get the ball rolling.  

We've even created a great resource to help you through the stock donation process.

  • Don't leave your stock donation to chance.
  • Learn when you should donate or when you should sell!
  • Learn the shortcut for an easy stock donation!
  • Learn the steps to do it yourself!
Why take chances when you donate stock?

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How To Donate Stock: The Win-Win Approach To Giving

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It's super easy to donate stock to help people in need ...

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    When you decide to donate stock to Free Range Health, save yourself the hassle of a DIY stock donation. It's as easy as filling out this form!
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    When you sell an appreciated stock, you must pay capital gains. When you donate your stock to Free Range Health, you get the full value of your donated stock AND you avoid capital gains. It'll be double the value when you donate stock to us!
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    Our specialists will handle all of the details to make sure you have a smooth and painless experience. This means a better tax advantage for you and more financial support for us. This is really a WIN-WIN for YOU and for Free Range Health!
Make your nest egg golden when you donate stock to Free Range Health!

Donate your car and feel like a winner!

We'll take cars in any condition!

How it works.....

Once you decide to donate stock to Free Range Health, you will be contacted by our stock donation partners at Stock Donator. They are a nonprofit that specializes in helping other nonprofits accept this type of donation.

Once you complete the donation, your stock will be sold. You will receive a receipt for the final sale amount, and Free Range Health will receive the funds from your sale. Of course, our Stock Donator partners keep a portion of the sale to help continue their amazing service. We think this is a small price to pay for opening the door to more ways generous people like you can support our mission.

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Now you can rest easy knowing your stock has gone to help needy people get access to unbelievably effective health care!