It's Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Help Us Continue to Provide Affordable Health Care Services to Underserved Individuals and Communities

Our Campaign Goal for 2022:


Achieving this goal will go along way in allowing us to improve our patient experience and streamline our provider interface.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

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Supports buying essential clinic supplies like acupuncture needles, needle disposal, and cotton balls.

Funds the smart technology that allows us to efficient and provide care to our patients at an affordable cost.

Helps recruit and retain outstanding practitioners who care about the people and communities we serve.

Covers the cost of treatments at host site clinic locations.

Supports our mission to create access to affordable acupuncture medicine for everyone.

Helps us reach our #20K2022 goal of raising $20,000 for our 10 Year anniversary.


Many employers will actually MATCH ALL OR PART of your donation. Even if you are retired!

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How does Free Range Health measure the impact of its services?

High quality metrics are an important piece of the Free Range Health approach to community-supported wellness. In order to help you understand who is being helped by your support, we track a wide range of demographic and health information such as age, gender, relationship status, employment status, and veteran status to name just a few. To help you understand the impact of your support with actual patients, we generate reports on the conditions being treated, the number and types of treatments being provided, and changes in quality of life scores. We are coming up with new ways to present our data all the time.

Other than money, how else can I donate to Free Range Health?

You can share your time instead of your money by volunteering. Help us build community-supported wellness when you fundraise to support a host site clinic, sign up for a clinic greeter shift, or help pack our Wellness Blend Tea bags. If you have special talents you would like to share, reach out to tell us how you’d like to help. We’re always interested in talking to you!

How will my donation help the Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine Practitioner community?

The AEMP profession benefits when more people are introduced to our special medicine. Your donation opens the door to AEMP for underserved communities and individuals, and it helps to support PSLF-eligible living wage jobs for acupuncturists. Your donation is a signal that you spend your professional charity dollars on an AEMP-related nonprofit. When there is a Free Range Health clinic in your local community, you don’t need to worry about lowering your rates. Now you can refer people struggling to afford your services to a local resource.

How much of my donation will go toward overhead costs and how much goes directly to program costs?

Free Range Health is a lean operation with very low overhead costs. Our focus is on expanding our programs to more people rather than classifying expenses. For a more detailed answer, check out this TED talk by Dan Pallota (

Why should I donate to Free Range Health rather than another organization?

There are many worthy causes to support. This is one of them. When you donate to Free Range health, you are helping to transform the health and wellness of whole communities. Your donation goes directly to helping the neediest people connect with people who truly have their best interests at heart. When you help to bridge the gap between underserved communities and highly qualified traditional medicine physicians, you open doors to lifechanging improvements in quality of life for people who may have no other options.

Can I setup automatic monthly donations?

Absolutely. Just choose the “Monthly” option of the donation form. We call our monthly donors #FIVE2K donors. Our goal is to have 2,000 (2K) people sign up to donate $5(FIVE) a month or more. #FIVE2K. The goal is in the name.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Free Range Health® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. Your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please consult your tax advisor. Federal Tax ID# 45-4395933